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Empower the managers
We believe in the necessity to diffuse Responsibility across the entire organisation and that every manager has a significant role to play to achieve the Group’s commitment.

Making ourselves attractive as a responsible employer

Ensuring that each employee feels respected and taken in consideration is our ambition. We rely on our employees to make Responsibility become real in their daily work.

DPD UK proposes new lifestyle home-working

DPD in the UK has introduced a new home-working option specifically designed to suit today’s busy lifestyles. This adds to the range of employee-friendly working practices it has to ensure DPD continues to attract the best talent including those who wish to only work part-time and who can’t or don’t want to travel to work.

It’s likely to attract a wide-range of people including those who may have another part-time job, or can fit part-time working around studying for college or university qualifications and people who may have mobility problems. Importantly for DPD this non-commuting option has green benefits and adds to the range of environmentally-friendly practices the company undertakes.

Tracy Raftery, 44, has already taken up this option. Tracy knew of the  company from her partner Tim who is a key member of DPD’s sales team.
Tracy says “When you are a couple both working full-time it’s difficult to fit in all the jobs that need to be done during the week. So, I decided to work part-time but wanted something really fulfilling. I already work a couple of days a week for my City Council and was looking for another part-time role which leaves me with some available time during the day. This is the ideal solution."

This new home-working option is for DPD’s Customer Services function dealing with customer calls. Following successful interview applicants receive a home assessment to ensure there is a dedicated room from which the telephone-based working can take place. DPD provides a desk, chair, computer and dedicated broadband line. Home-workers benefit from regular courses at the company’s Training Academy in the Midlands and will also receive ongoing support from DPD’s dedicated Home-working Customer Experience Manager.
Chief Executive Dwain McDonald says “The success of this company is dependent on employing the best people and we want to spread the net as wide as possible. The new home-working option in our customer service function helps us to do that. Also, we’ve had great full-time employees who now wish to work part-time – such as ladies returning from maternity leave - and this allows us to keep those talented and experienced individuals."

“We’re looking for people to work at the peak times for our Customer Services function, eg from 8am – 11.30am and from 3.30pm – 6.30pm. It’s a ‘win-win’ situation – the home-workers have a busy and fulfilling role, they support our full-time customer service agents and it helps us ensure we’re always giving our customers the best possible service including at the busiest times.”

GeoPost: A week to raise awareness of mobility (16 to 22 September 2010)

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As part of La Poste Group’s participation with the Ministry of Ecology, Sea, Energy and Sustainable Development (MEEDM) in the ‘Week of Mobility and Road Safety’, GeoPost is promoting an information campaign for employees at head office.
European Mobility Week is an opportunity for GeoPost to educate all head office staff about mobility issues – both on a professional and personal level – and to highlight the many initiatives available to them from the HR team.
The objective of the 2010 campaign, whose theme is "Travelling well together” is to change the way that people move around. That’s why GeoPost employees were encouraged to take part in the National Days of Public Transport (15 September) and car-sharing (17 September).
An eco-quiz is available on the GeoPost Team Intranet and several emails have been sent to remind people of the systems made available by HR to encourage sustainable mobility: training in eco-driving, solutions made available for people to work together remotely, participation in the financing of Velib subscription for employees …
The week is closed with an overview of alternative means of transport already in place at operational level in the Group.