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The concept of CSR is underpinned by the idea that corporations can no longer act as isolated economic entities operating in detachment from broader society. Traditional views about competitiveness and profitability are being swept away.

At GeoPost, we follow two main directions for our actions towards the Community

Being an asset for our Community
GeoPost is an important community player, creating links between people and businesses. Local communities face many challenges: by collaborating with local authorities, we become part of the solution.

Giving back to the Community
GeoPost and its businesses are involved in numerous charity initiatives locally and worldwide. Beside our own actions, we highly support and encourage employee community engagement.

A few examples showing our commitment :

GeoPost, with ASHOKA, promotes innovative social entrepreneurship (January 2011)

The La Poste Group promotes entrepreneurial values by enhancing the social dimension of its actions. Today GeoPost builds on this tradition and these values, and confirms its position as a socially responsible company by deciding to sign a partnership with Ashoka. An independent international not for profit organisation, founded in 1980 in the USA, Ashoka's mission is to contribute to the structuring and development of the Social Entrepreneurship sector on a global scale. Indeed GeoPost’s values dovetail with those of social entrepreneurship to promote social inclusion and sharing of value.

The partnership consists of funding the development and support of four social entrepreneurs over three years, in the following countries: France, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

To achieve this, its flagship programme consists of selecting and supporting innovative social entrepreneurs so that they can increase their impact on society. Today 230 people work in thirty offices on five continents and support 2,500 social entrepreneurs with a global budget of 30 million dollars.

It is this shared sense of values and mission that is the essence of the partnership signed between GeoPost and Ashoka. "The values of entrepreneurship are part of our DNA in the GeoPost Group,” says Paul-Marie Chavanne, CEO of GeoPost. “In this sense, Ashoka gives us the opportunity to create a resonance between these values and those of social entrepreneurship developed by Ashoka. We also share with Ashoka, present in 70 countries around the world, the open-mindedness that is the hallmark of companies open to the world.”

Finally, GeoPost will take part in a global event organised by Ashoka in France in June 2011. This conference will bring together all Ashoka’s “fellows”, social entrepreneurs who are funded and supported by Ashoka across the world. Attending this event will enable La Poste Group and GeoPost to affirm their commitment to social entrepreneurship to their stakeholders and especially to their employees, clients and institutional partners.

For more information, visit : www.ashoka.org

DPD Ukraine celebrates the Day of Child Protection (June 2011)

On the Day of Child Protection, DPD Ukraine took part in a charity project.

DPD Ukraine contributed their support with the collection and delivery of items rendering life at the orphanage called "Father's House" and the family support center "My Family" happier, easier and more comfortable.

Employees of DPD Ukraine helped the children by collecting things that are necessary for those housed at the orphanage. In the list were clothes, stationery, toys, books, educational games, sweets and cleaning products.

This action is to be linked with previous initiatives toward children DPD employees handled, like welcoming the orphanages and the other children to the head office DPD in Kiev for Christmas wishes.
A real link to the community is growing via this cheerful support.

On the Day of Child Protection, several of DPD Ukraine staff visited the orphanage and brought gifts to them. Children were very interested how the company operated, how parcels and freight are delivered and chatting with them was a fun way to pass on DPD’scontribution to the movement of parcels in our country.

DPD Ukraine plans to continue to participate in such charitable events and is ready to help orphanages in Ukraine. Dedication of a small amount of one's time can bring a lot of happiness and a BIG smile to a child's face.

DPD in Ukraine, partner of the "Share a toy – give joy!" campaing (July 2010)

The release of "Toy Story 3"in Ukraine has been to occasion of a charity collect named "Share a toy – give joy!"
During a full month, visitors of 45 cinemas had the opportunity to leave toys in a special box. All gifts gathered were delivered by DPD Ukraine to volunteers from www.detdom.info.
DPD Ukraine is also committed to transport the 75 bags of the toys all over Ukraine in September 2010 when they will be remitted to orphanages, boarding schools and families in need.
www.detdom.info is a reliable source of information about life and needs of orphans and Ukrainian kids with limited possibilities, and aims to be a bridge to help people who want to help and those who need this help to meet.

DPD Hungary helps flood victims (June 2010)

DPD Hungary initiated a fundraising to help the flood victims and delivered the collection of equipments.
Hungary, and especially its northern part, has faced major flooding early June.
In total, nearly 12,000 rescue workers (fire-fighters, policemen, soldiers) were deployed to assist victims.
In Budapest, the Danube reached a peak of 8.20 meters, according to the meteorological services. More than 220,000 hectares were under water and some 50,000 hectares of farmland have been destroyed.
DPD Hungary decided to take their part of the rescue efforts and proposed their customers and the private persons to transport their gifts to the disaster victims for free. The donations could be sent to any of the 15 DPD depots throughout the country. DPD Hungary gathered up and delivered it to the Hungarian Red Cross’s local organization as its contribution to the community.
„We find it important to help in this critical situation as we can” – Mrs Csilla Hosszú, Managing Director of DPD Hungary said.

DPD Russia Delivered Special Development Books to Children (April 2010)

As part of the “Books as a Gift” program, DPD delivered this year books and development sets to 21 specialised children's institutions. Since 2005, DPD Russia has been supporting the “Illustrated Books for Small Blind Children” charity fund.
At the end of April 2010, DPD Russia delivered more than 770 sets of books and development textbooks to special kindergartens, elementary schools, boarding schools and special libraries for blind and visually impaired children. The total weight of the charity parcels delivered in 392 boxes was 2,346 kg.
Children aged between 3 to 8 years received 3,855 books and 1,542 game sets as well as various educational supplies for classes. The gifts found their recipients in 15 Russian cities and towns: Astrakhan, Budyonnovsk, Grozny, Kaliningrad, Makhachkala, Pskov, Severomorsk, Shadrinsk, Stavropol, Ulan-Ude, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Vologda, Volzhsky, Vorkuta and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Books by well-known authors with embossment and tridimensional insertions, various game sets and educational development sets help children in their studies and make their leisure more amusing: the books and other items help children develop comprehensively giving them useful and interesting information about the world around them.

“There is nothing more warming than a child’s smile, especially when it comes to physically challenged kids. We are happy that as a socially responsible corporate citizen we have the opportunity to support such projects helping children and bringing more joyful moments to their lives,” said Leonid Zondberg, Commercial Director of DPD in Russia.

DPD in Russia has been working in close cooperation with the “Illustrated Books for Small Blind Children” charity fund since 2005. Every year the company takes part in charity activities and deliver books to visually impaired children.

November 14th: “Angel Day” in Ireland

Each year, DPD Ireland assists the IWA (Irish Wheelchair Association - www.iwa.ie ) with their Christmas Fundraising campaign. The IWA was founded in 1960 and is committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities in Ireland.

DPD Ireland have had a long association with the Irish Wheelchair Association, having provided distribution services for them for over 10 years.
Every November, the IWA National Fundraising Campaign takes place, with the help of DPD Ireland. DPD’s team distribute ’Angel Pins’, which are available in shops throughout the country for €2.
This year, Angel Day took place on November 14th, with supporters of the IWA holding Angel Day events all over Ireland.
The 2008 Angel Day campaign is hoping to raise over €500,000 and is proudly supported by everyone at DPD Ireland.

Ashoka, GeoPost and innovative social entrepreneurship

Everyone a changemaker

Ashoka, a citizen organisation not affiliated with any religious or political movement, envisions a world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges.

Find out more about Ashoka's partnership with GeoPost (link page 1 dossier)

GeoPost and Ashoka have partnered up to drum up funding and support for social entrepreneurs, dubbed Ashoka fellows, across Europe in France, Germany, Poland and Belgium.

A few examples hand-picked by GeoPost > (link fellows page)

SEUR Foundation cooperates with the customers too

DPD Hungary has competed to the second 'Electromobile Race' – 17th April 2010.

March 2010 - Chronopost Portugal chose the charity foundation, Coração Amarelo that supports the elderly for a new yearly commitment, offering goods like wheelchairs and medical items.