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SEUR and Adolfo Dominguez for Haïti

SEUR Foundation cooperates with the customers too

SEUR Foundation and Adolfo Dominguez (one of the main Spanish Fashion Companies) have joined their efforts to send a solidarity shipment of clothes to Haiti.

SEUR picked up the clothes in more than 200 Adolfo Dominguez shops throughout Spain. Besides, Adolfo Dominguez Company has given more than 1.300 garments for the solidarity campaign

The SEUR Foundation has been in charge of coordinating the logistics and the transport of the clothes, providing the necessary infrastructure through SEUR net, which was responsible for the pick up of the clothes at Adolfo Dominguez shops.

The results of the campaign have been excellent. A total amount of 8.000 garments will contribute to help Haiti people in these difficult moments.

Other customers have also asked the SEUR Foundation for the same cooperation. This clearly shows the important role that the SEUR Foundation plays and how positive the cooperation with the customers is and the good results it has in cases of emergencies like the one in Haiti.