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Global express parcel



1 - Browsing

Skip link:
Throughout the site, the first link on the page is a transparent link allowing online users to go directly to the page content, “skipping” menus.

Page header logo:
The GeoPost logo allows users to return to the site’s homepage.

Language selection:
Select the language: either French or English. Selection is possible while you’re browsing. The language may be selected on each page.

Main menu:
The main menu allows for easy browsing of the site. It contains all links to the site’s main headings.

Search engine:
The internal search engine is automatically positioned at the top right-hand side of the page, and means specific information can be searched for the site as a whole without having to go through “traditional” browsing.

Secondary menu:
Present on all pages except the homepage, this menu allows users to browse the sub-menus in a heading.

Breadcrumb trail:
A breadcrumb trail is automatically positioned under the main menu. It tells users which page they are on, and provides a quick way to switch to higher browsing levels.

Priority menu:
This is automatically positioned at the bottom of the page and means users can directly access: Site map, Legal terms, Group sites, Contact, Help, Accessibility.

Site map:
This allows online users to have a quick overview of the site structure and direct access to its content.

“Back to top of page” link:
Some of the pages on the site may be a little long. If this is the case, they automatically contain “back to top of page” links so as to make internal browsing easier.

2 - Text size

This site has been designed in such a way as to modify text size easily, depending on the possibilities offered by various browsers :
  • Internet Explorer: Select the “View; Text size” menu
  • Mozilla: Select the “View; Text size” menu
  • Opera: Select the “View; Zoom” menu
  • Safari: Select the “Presentation; Text size” menu

Increasing / decreasing text size
If you have a wheel-equipped mouse, most browsers can enlarge text size by combining the wheel with a keyboard shortcut:
  • Windows: Ctrl + mouse wheel
  • Mac: Apple key + mouse wheel

3 - Flash contents

In order to view Adobe Flash animations, you can download Flash Player.