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Total Zero

GeoPost first in industry to introduce free carbon neutral shipping on all deliveries in 17 european countries

All parcels will soon be shipped carbon neutral - at no extra charge to the customer - by GeoPost in the first initiative of its kind to be offered by a parcel & express service provider.

Since July 1st 2013, GeoPost apply Total Zero, its new carbon neutrality commitment, to all shipments in 17 european countries : France, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithunia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The carbon neutral commitment will be achieved through a triple mechanism: measuring emitted carbon, reducing the carbon produced by GeoPost  and subsequently carbon offsetting. In launching Total Zero GeoPost  is committing to keep reducing its environmental impact through a range of emission reduction initiatives – called insetting - which will collectively help reduce CO2 emissions.

GeoPost’s carbon footprint has been calculated regularly since 2006 and GeoPost has been reducing its carbon footprint per parcel over time.
GeoPost will offset non avoidable CO2 emissions through a partnership with well-known French offset partner CDC Climat.

As Paul-Marie Chavanne, GeoPost CEO ,puts it : “Offsetting is only worthwhile if we continue to invest in the reduction of our carbon footprint.”

“This evolution opens a huge range of opportunities because it asks businesses to think differently about their mission, their activities and the conditions of their practice.,” Paul-Marie Chavanne adds.

GeoPost  has implemented a measuring scheme for carbon emissions and have an on-going programme in place to measure and reduce the emitted CO2. This work is undertaken through a series of ‘insetting’ measures - initiatives designed to help lower the organisation’s carbon footprint through a group-wide responsibility strategy which includes a wide range of domestic and international projects.

Insetting initiatives currently helping to reduce GeoPost’s carbon output include:

  • Chronopost reduces its fleet’s CO2 emissions
  • The CO2 intensity of Chronopost’s fleet will be reduced after the purchase of greener vehicles, for instance, Goupils electric vehicles were purchased in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Montpellier, Grenoble, and Colmar.
  • Exapaq renews its fleet
  • In collaboration with our subcontractors, Exapaq is renewing its owned fleet of vehicles on the Euro 5 standard. In all, 600 vehicles will evolve before 2015.
  • DPD UK : Introducing the UK’s largest fleet of double deck trailers which can hold a third more volume than a single deck vehicle;
  • DPD Germany is testing electric vehicles
  • Test of 7 Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL vans for 4 years in Germany (3x depot 171, 2x depot 172, 2x depot 120). Breathe easier in Hamburg - two VITO E-cells began to run in residential areas of Hamburg from 5th September thanks to the success of the pilot project in Stuttgart (five electric vans tested on the roads in the Stuttgart area).
  • DPD Belux and Netherlands :  in a sustainable partnership
  • Since August 2010, parcel distribution across borders is now part of the systematic sustainability activities of DPD Belgium and DPD Luxemburg, in close partnership with DPD Netherlands. Journey distances can be reduced by up to 30% thanks to the improved routing. Further, apart from the economic advantage the service is faster and CO2 emissions are considerably reduced. As a result of the success of the trial pick-ups, deliveries can now be carried out in Belgium by Luxemburg drivers.

Remaining carbon emissions of approximately 555,000 tonnes each year will be offset for 4 major European markets. Carbon credits will be used to compensate for GHG emissions emitted by the business.

CDC Climat’s international reputation and long-term commitment to lowering CO2 emissions makes it the perfect offsetting partner for Total Zero.

Pierre Ducret, CEO, CDC Climat said: “Total Zero represents a genuine commitment to not only reduce carbon emissions in such an emission-heavy industry, but also to anticipate and enter the new low carbon economy”.

CDC Climat is working closely with GeoPost  to identify a range of carbon offsetting projects that it will support via Total Zero – which could range from overseas projects in the developing world through to more local schemes in Europe.

Total Zero will apply to business and consumer shipments to all destinations around the globe from the four  major European markets of France, Germany, United Kingdom, BeNeLux.

GeoPost, is a 100 % affiliate company of French Groupe La Poste, which has made a significant carbon reduction commitment in announcing it will offset all mail and parcels sent globally via the service. This combined action of mail and parcels is a major step forward towards climate protection.

Further information on Total Zero is available at :

About CDC Climat
CDC Climat is Caisse des Dépôts’ subsidiary launched in 2010 to tackle climate change as a long term investor:
- It invests in high quality carbon assets either directly or in the form of innovative funds open to other long-term investors. It aims at reducing CO2 emissions by 60 Mt before the end of 2014.
- CDC Climat develops, either alone or with its partners, secured climate services. It also invests in innovative SMEs that contribute to a low carbon economy. As such, CDC Climat is notably a strategic shareholder of the exchange BlueNext.
- Its research team, CDC Climat Research, conducts independent, non for profit analyses for public authorities, market players and the general public.

Link to CDC Climat