Drone Project: Delivery terminal

DPDgroup is pursuing its project for delivering parcels by drones and paying close attention to ensuring the safety of drone take-off and landing as well as parcel release phases. To do this, GeoPost has developed a unique solution: a delivery terminal.

23 July 2015
DPDgroup, commercial brand of GeoPost, holding company of the French Groupe La Poste, has been testing the conditions for delivering parcels by drones since June 2014.
In September, a drone successfully travelled 1,200 metres to deliver a 3kg parcel in real-life conditions.
In February, tests in severe cold demonstrated the robustness and reliability of the technology chosen.


DPDgroup developed a delivery terminal as part of the flight and delivery safety studies.
The innovative terminal was developed alongside its project partner Atechsys.
It features:
  • a structure protecting access to the drone during landing and take-off phases,
  • an automated carriage system for transporting the parcel,
  • an electronic system devoted to the safety of handling operations around the drone
The delivery terminal ensures the safety of the following phases from parcel loading, to take off, landing and parcel release.
The development of the delivery terminal marks yet another milestone in the project for delivery parcels by drone. It provides a solution to the standing concern of ensuring the safety of using and maintaining the drones as well the parcel loading/unloading operations by an operator. Such technology will provide a means of expanding logistics networks by overcoming major obstacles, including:
  • Infrastructures: inadequacy of road networks in addition to island and mountain areas, etc.
  • Weather: areas that are flooded or blocked by snow
  • Safety of people and operators
  • Protection and security of the parcel and equipment
DPD drone technical feature:
Autonomy: up to 20 Km
Payload: up to 4Kg
Average speed: 30 Km/h
Ground based system with full automation and a transmission range up to 50 Km
6 electrical rotors, Carbon fiber frame
Up-to-date embedded electronics
Embedded GPS and flight camera with data reporting
Redundant electronic