UNI Global Union signs a global framework agreement with GeoPost

15 March 2017

GeoPost, the international express delivery subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste, has signed a global agreement with UNI Global Union regarding fundamental human rights and freedom of association.

The signing ceremony took place in Paris with Philip Jennings, General Secretary of UNI Global Union and Paul-Marie Chavanne, CEO of GeoPost in attendance. Also present and signing the agreement were the French affiliates of UNI Poste & Logistique (CGT, CFDT, FO) and their respective General Secretaries.

This agreement applies to all entities of GeoPost, the second largest parcel delivery company in Europe and a world leader. It reaffirms the Group's commitment concerning the respect of fundamental human rights, in recognition of the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and United Nations Guidelines.

According to Philip Jennings: "This is a groundbreaking agreement. It is the first time that one of the giants of parcel delivery has signed such an agreement with a global union. We commend GeoPost for taking the initiative in this area and we would encourage other companies to follow suit. GeoPost is perfectly positioned, both in Europe and worldwide, to demonstrate that decent employment and respect for unions create sustainable businesses. Together, UNI and GeoPost will work to implement the agreement in the interests of employees and the economic sustainability of the Group", says Philip Jennings, General Secretary of UNI Global Union.

"This agreement is the result of a fruitful cooperation, carried out with our French affiliates over the last three years. We'd like to thank all of the unions that took part in the negotiation process in the spirit of our "Moving forward" strategy.

As Paul-Marie Chavanne explains: "Our Group is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility in general and that of GeoPost in particular. For us, this agreement with UNI represents a significant element in our social responsibility".